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What sport is popular among Indian businessmen?

Sports are a passion for many of us. He stayed with the person for many years and became a part of his life. Its types have evolved since they were first created. However, one thing did not change. Some sports are and will remain the privileges of the wealthy and successful. We’ll tell you about an aristocratic sport. Maybe you could join him, you just didn’t know.

Indian businessmen also enjoy some sports. Sport and business are often seen as a team. In addition, a healthy lifestyle has become more and popular.

Golf and cricket

Scottish shepherds were the first to invent the sport, which is now played by millionaires. The game of golf became popular among the wealthy after 300 years. The first tournament was held a century later. In order to win, the player has to complete 18 holes in a particular order. The playground may have a variety of obstacles: trees, bushes and small shallow lakes. The golf etiquette is a set of rules that goes beyond the basic rules. You will not receive penalty points for violating it, but you will be looked at askance. The charter also addresses safety, fairness, as well as the safety of playgrounds.

Croquet, with only minor changes from golf, is an analogy. Croquet has a similar goal to golf. However, it does not involve holes. Instead, the ball must be moved through arch-gates and to the middle, where there is a small peg that must be touched. The team that is first to reach the center with its ball wins.

Cricket was first played in the South of England. It was only in 1744 that the first known written set of rules appeared for players. This document, which is now lost, undoubtedly had its origins in an earlier game. Cricket was evidently played in the 16th century and its gradual development continued for the next three centuries.

Cricket was once considered Great Britain’s national summer sport. It is now popular in many other countries, such as Australia, New Zealand (until 1961), South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the West Indies. In Canada and in the United States, cricket is a sport that’s played to a lesser degree.


The game was not created as a rich-and-famous sport. The game was first invented in 11th-century European monasteries. The original rules required that the ball be struck by hand. Later, bats with special features were developed. The racket and net were introduced in 16th-century Europe, when the game reached its peak popularity.

It’s the goal of the game to move the ball so it touches the court, but can’t be touched by another player. Sports equipment can be expensive and it is considered to be a sport for the wealthy. Indian businessmen are not averse to equestrian, yachting, and football. Pehlwani or kushti is a Hindu favorite.

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