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How Do You Get Started With Web Designing?

This article will take you through the basics to becoming a web designer. You will discover what skills you need to succeed in this field, how to attract customers, set prices for services, create custom logos, etc.

Basic understanding

In the beginning, it is important to at least have an indirect understanding of the major things in web design. You can read several books about this subject, join mailing lists for thematic sites and of course check out all the other articles on my site.

The best way to increase your professional growth is to enroll in a video tutorial that will teach you the basics of web design. You can then move onto the advanced topic after you have learned the basics.

Programs that master

Many people don’t even know where to begin when learning web design. They just grab everything. You shouldn’t be doing this. Do not download all the image editors that you know about. Photoshop will suffice to create most design work.

Estimated time of training

Training time to become an expert in web design is solely dependent on your persistence, desire, and aspiration. Do not overload yourself with training. If you do, you will get bored. It is only through a spiritual passion for what you do that professional growth can occur.


After we understand where to begin and how much time it will take to become a Web Designer, we can practice. You can start by copying sites that catch your eye.

Do not rush to finish the assigned task. The increase in speed and productivity can come with time. But releasing a sub-standard product can become a habit that is hard to break.

Basic tools to start earning

Decide how you’ll receive money from clients. They can include:

  • Meetings with individuals
  • Payment by bank card
  • WebMoney, etc.

Create your work wallets or accounts, and note down their numbers on your phone, computer, or anywhere else, so you can re-set the data at any point in the future and not make the client wait.

A web designer’s portfolio is also one of the best tools to attract new clients. Test your abilities if you do not have orders. You can then place it in a portfolio and display it to clients while you wait for other projects.

Where to find the first orders

Post your ads in several popular freelancer exchanges. The ads should be accompanied with a good portfolio, a price list, and stories about the experience and opportunity.

I recommend posting ads on both free message boards as well as various forums that cover web design, SEO, marketing and other related topics. Your own website will help to increase customer trust, so you don’t need it superfluously.

Communication with Clients

Do not panic as soon as you receive your first call from a customer. You do not need to run over to your neighbor and ask for a glass of 100 grams. Listen to what they want. Determine what examples he prefers and the deadline. Take the order and create if you’re able.

It is best to write down on paper all the questions asked by the client and come up with sensible responses, as there’s a 99.9% likelihood that during the first phone call you may have not clearly marked half of the information. You can then use these phrases in future communications with your customers.

Order fulfillment

What most designers do is similar to the scheme of their work

It’s about the same. First, the client provides a technical brief. The project is then completed by the designer within the agreed-upon time and the result is delivered in the format of a Jpeg layout. Once the customer has approved the project, the layout can begin.

You have to wait 30 seconds.

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