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6 Reasons You Need to Use Microsoft Edge on Windows 11

Microsoft Edge is an exceptional browser and comes pre-installed on Windows 11 as Microsoft’s default and recommended web browser. Since switching to Chromium, Edge has come a long way, and recent updates have made it an even better web browser. Edge has earned a reputation for itself as a high-performance browser you can count on.

If you’re still not sold on Microsoft Edge for Windows 11, here are six reasons that might make you feel otherwise.

1. Microsoft Edge has exceptional performance

Microsoft Edge is seriously fast, and it also runs on the same open-source Chromium engine as Google Chrome. Thanks to some great performance updates, Microsoft Edge is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) browsers you can have on Windows 11.

Our comparison of Chrome vs Edge proved that the performance of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome is almost identical. In the WebXPRT 3 browser performance test, Microsoft Edge scored an exceptional 104.

Even on Windows 10, Microsoft claimed that Edge 91 was the best performing web browser.

2. Microsoft Edge is a lightweight browser

Browsers that hog a large chunk of RAM can be very frustrating, especially if you’re already running a system with little RAM. Microsoft Edge not only performs like other web browsers, but it also consumes less RAM in comparison.

This frees up memory that you can use for other programs or more tabs while enjoying the smooth performance of the highly functional Windows 11 browser.

3. You can use Edge to save money online

Microsoft Edge automatically applies coupons to compatible websites, so you don’t need to install a dedicated extension to get the best deals online. There’s also a price comparison tool that will tell you which online store has the best price for a particular product.

Edge also offers a price tracking feature that notifies users about price changes for products they’ve recently viewed. You can also quickly view customer ratings and expert product reviews to help you make the best buying decision

4. Has a dedicated efficiency mode

Web browsers can significantly reduce your laptop’s battery life, which can seriously reduce your productivity if you’re working on the go. Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge extends the battery life of your PC by reducing the consumption of system resources.

You can easily enable efficiency mode of Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 and optimize performance.

5. Edge Uses Better Tab Management

If you are someone who likes to work in multiple tabs open at once, then you are going to love how easy it is to manage tabs in Microsoft Edge. It’s clear that well-managed tabs help de-clutter your workspace and make you more productive.

Edge on Windows 11 allows users to organize tabs into color-coded groups, stack tabs vertically, and even pin important tabs. He is not everything; You can also quickly switch tabs within Microsoft Edge by using Alt+Tab. In particular, when working with multiple tabs, you can use the Vertical Tabs option to view your tabs in an organized manner.

6. Save Webpages in Collections

The Internet is full of web clipping extensions intended to help organize web research. Microsoft Edge has a built-in web clipping tool called Collections that makes saving web pages super easy. You can save images, text, or entire web pages for later use directly through Microsoft Edge.

Your collections sync across your devices, keeping you organized and productive. You can also create multiple groups to save different types of content as per your requirement. The collection also has a citation feature that offers Chicago, Harvard, APA, and other formats.

Microsoft Edge improves Windows 11

Windows 11 offers a lot of new features to its users, and Microsoft Edge is at the forefront. There are lots of reasons to use Microsoft Edge as its fast, convenient, lightweight and functional.

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